Frank J. Perfetuo, Jr., CFA

Managing Partner, Sr. Portfolio Manager

About Frank

Frank J. Perfetuo, Jr., CFA, Managing Partner of Veritas with over 29 years of Investment Management experience. As our team’s Portfolio Manager, Frank is responsible for the research, design, implementation, and monitoring of customized investment strategies for client’s portfolios with a focus on risk management.

Prior to founding Veritas Boston Wealth Management, Frank spent 15 years at Merrill Lynch as a Portfolio Manager and First Vice President. He began his career as an Institutional Portfolio Manager and Senior Vice President at Putnam Investments for 14 years. Frank graduated from Framingham State University with a major in B.A. in Quantitative Economics and holds an M.B.A. from Suffolk University. He now resides in Plympton, MA with his wife, Eve and their three children.