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Veritas Boston’s expertise and offerings reach into every corner of the financial services industry.

Customized Investment Management

No two investors are alike; our clients vary on every metric, from goals and life-stage to personality and temperament.

We customize every portfolio to harmonize with each client’s objectives and time horizons…and we do so without limits. We draw from the entire marketplace – from traditional asset classes like stocks, bonds and cash to emerging opportunities suited to each portfolio’s targeted outcomes. There is nothing boilerplate about our investment philosophy or the choices we make.

The result is a Veritas portfolio that serves as a direct reflection of your individuality and ambitions.

What we offer:

Trust & Estate Planning

You worked long and hard to build your wealth. Our goal is to help you honor it, preserve it and – when the time comes – pass it along to those who will do the same.

Working in concert with a roster of experienced and trusted tax and estate attorneys, we identify sound strategies for the protection of that which you’ve spent a lifetime accumulating.

We factor for the spectrum of circumstances and life events (e.g., a new birth, a divorce) that can play a role in the dispensation of your funds.

And we bring all of our experience and know-how to bear in generating a detailed roadmap for the handling of your assets that directly aligns with your short-term and long-term objectives.

What we offer:

Life Insurance Planning

For anyone interested in the securing the well-being of their loved ones, insurance is one of life’s necessities.

Veritas takes the guesswork out of insurance planning by applying quantifiable analytics to each client’s circumstances and objectives and developing an insurance plan to match. We can provide our insights as a standalone service, but we also often implement our insurance strategies as a key aspect of our trust and estate services.

In either case, our overall goal is to provide our clients with the peace of mind that comes from knowing that they’ve provided financial security for generations to come.

Tax Planning

Those looking to get the most from their assets should pay consistent attention to their ledger’s tax column.

For Veritas, tax planning is a cornerstone of both our yearly and long-term wealth management services. We collaborate with our clients’ trust and accounting professionals to achieve the lowest possible tax exposure for our clients.

Our philosophy is: the more of your own money you can preserve, the more you’ll have to deliver on your vision of a life well-lived.

Cash Flow and Debt Planning

At Veritas, we’ve found that educating clients about how their day-to-day money behaves is one of the best ways for them to develop a richer, more productive understanding of their overall finances.

Because no matter what your station in life, every household can benefit from deepening their understanding of their spending habits and needs.

We work with clients to analyze their income and budget. We measure those findings against their goals. We then devise a list of recommendations for ways they can make more efficient use of their money – everything from kitchen-table spending adjustments to appropriate use of devices like student loans or home equity lines of credit.

This kind of ground-level analysis might not be a common offering at other wealth management firms. But Veritas believes that the more you understand about your assets, and the more you make them work for you, to more easily you’ll be able to live productively and comfortably in the years to come.

What we offer:

Retirement Planning

Maybe you want to retire at 50. Maybe you want to work until you’re 75.

Regardless of your career and work/life ambitions, Veritas will help you achieve financial independence in keeping with your timeline and goals.

How much will you need when you take retirement? How much risk is too much? What do you want to acquire (a second home? a boat?) that you don’t already have?

We start with these questions and many more, project them against baseline financial forecasting, and customize a plan that will help you achieve your goals – no matter how ambitions they are (and no matter how much they might change along the way).

Finally, we revisit the plan annually (at least) and adjust wherever necessary. Because in our view, keeping consistent watch on the present is the best way to achieve a secure future.

What we offer:

Educational and College Planning

An entire industry has sprung up around the financing of an education –whether it takes place at a parochial grade school, a world-class university, or somewhere in between.

Veritas can help devoted parents and family members to identify the most suitable education budget to pursue, and the vehicles that will help them to achieve it.

Maximizing tax efficiency through 529-class savings accounts…seeking alternative investments…accounting for tuition and expense inflation…

These are only a few of the factors we consider in developing a financial plan that will help the student in your life make the most of their school years – and all the years beyond.

What we offer:


Charitable giving is often seen as a linchpin of a tax-reduction strategy. But supporting charitable efforts is a financial strategy in its own right. At Veritas, we take charitable giving seriously on the merits – and we are experts at customizing the right giving strategies for anyone interested in supporting worthy causes.

We look at everything from donor-advised funds and individual securities to IRA distributions as areas to investigate when devising a plan for giving. No matter what area of the philanthropic ecosystem you wish to support, we can help you find the resources you seek – so you can direct them where they’ll make a positive, long-lasting impact on the world.

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